B&I Trim Colors (Molded Dash Kits)

 Faux Wood Collection 


These finishes are for molded dash trim kits manufactured by B&I Trim Inc. Faux wood or synthetic wood finishes are not real wood but are a very high quality imitation. Looks very much like real wood and is extremely durable and resistant to fading or cracking. All faux woods come finished in a lustrous deep gloss finish (except matted mahogany).


Dark Burlwood


Natural Birdseye




Oxford Burl


Bronze Burlwood


Honey Burl


Avalon Burlwood


Bordeaux Birdseye


Armor Birdseye

(DEB) Out of Stock



Matted Mahogany




 Sport Collection


Our Sport Collection of finishes includes modern colors such as synthetic Carbon Fibers, Brushed Aluminum (synthetic or real), Silver, Camo and Black.


Black Carbon


Red Fiber


Blue Fiber


Yellow Fiber


Brushed Aluminum


Platinum Silver


Matted Camo 1


Matted Camo 2


Piano Black



If you wish, you may order some samples of the finishes shown above. A limit of up to 5 sample pieces may be ordered at one time. There will be a nominal charge of $10.00 added to your order to cover processing, shipping and handling costs. Please click on the button above to order samples. Please allow approximately 5-7 business days for delivery via UPS.

Note: The sample images above are only representations of the actual colors. Computer monitors are all set up differently and some colors may appear different than the actual finishes. Therefore, we highly recommend ordering samples of the actual finish, especially if you are not sure.